Armageddon Close: Global Dimming

People's economical activity causes now more and more negative consequences to the planet
As it turns out, people's activity causes not only global warming but also "global dimming". It is connected with air pollution as a result of which the sunlight is reflected back to the outer space and massive settled clouds get formed.

The "global dimming" may affect everything starting with the solar power effectiveness and growth of plants. Climatologist with Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Science in New York Jim Hansen says the amount of solar radiation delivered to the Earth surface has obviously reduced within the past two years.
Experts say that "global dimming" is probably caused with tiny particles such as soot and chemical agents like sulphates accumulating in the atmosphere. Jim Hansen says data obtained from observation stations all over the world reveal the black carbon amount in the atmosphere is in fact twice as bigger as people have supposed.
Earth Sinks into the Darkness

People's economical activity causes now more and more negative consequences to the planet. Talks about global warming have already become habitual; it is known that global warming is caused with carbon dioxide discharges into the atmosphere. Suddenly, one more problem became clear: researchers have found out that the planet is in for the darkness, not only heat. Britain's Guardian reports that amount of the sunlight delivered to the planet's surface has reduced by 20 per cent within the past years.
Scientists say the phenomenon of "global dimming" poses a grave danger for the life on the planet. Plants will be the first to suffer from it, as the darkening will break their photosynthesis. Death of plants will cause demise of animals. Here we can cite one of the versions of dinosaur death. Dinosaurs died because of sunlight shortage that arose as a result of clouds of tiny particles in the atmosphere, the particles produced with an explosion of a giant meteorite.
Nadezhda Apisimchik
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Author`s name Michael Simpson