Car tuning has no limits

James Ford covered a  1984 For Capri covered with 4,342 matchbox cars to look like the General Lee

Psychic Uri Geller, who is best known for his alleged ability to bend spoons and forks, has many unusual objects. One of them is a 1976 Cadillac adorned with 5,000 forks and spoons. 

This is a 1970's Beetle, the body of which is made of wrought iron. This car was built in 1985 by the same talented metal artist that built the "Wedding Cars" for VW of Mexico

Volkswagen Beetle again, this time as a beer keg

Pizza boy Barnaby Sutton decorated his car with a carpet of grass. The student did not have enough money for car repairs, so a friend of his put forward an idea to cover the car with grass.

Yokohama provided car tyres to Flat Out, the world's lowest car.  Fiat 500 was designed by Andy Saunders. The car is 543 millimeters high.

Barcelona area landscape designer Marc Grañén came up with the idea of gardens on the roofs of city buses. With his project, PhytoKinetic, Grañén aims to energize drab public buses with vibrant, gardened roofs that he hopes will contribute a bit to improving the urban ecosystem

A Volkswagen Polo made of ice and nothing else but ice

A fur-covered Mini owned by Torsten Baubach, Monmouth, Wales