Chechnya. Russian Spetsnaz (special purpose units)

War has neither black nor white side to it. It can only have one color-that of blood.

All Spetsnaz' sub-units are like our children. And we are worried for them just as much. War knows no mercy.

Recently, Russian State Duma equated Russian sldiers who participated in military operations in Chechnya with veterans of World War II.

Scouts are in great demand these days on the roads that lead to North Caucasus. They ensure communication safety of the unified forces.

In order to master the "art of winning", one must always be in shape.

It is of utmost importance to support our soldiers, officers, generals who are fighting in Chechnya right now. Even though these pictures depict only a few of them; in reality there are 400 000 of them out there. More than 60 000 of those men are disabled.