Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Our hearts go out to you - RESPONSES to the tragedy

Dear Pravda Readers, 
I am writing to you from Indonesia. My wife and I were horrified when we heard the news on Wednesday morning that two passenger aircraft had crashed in Southern Russia almost simultaneously. Having virtually witnessed the World Trade Center tragedy in real time through television, I immediately thought that terrorists were probably also responsible for the tragedy in Russia. The preliminary results of the investigations prove me right. And that really is a chilling thought.

All the more so, perhaps, in our case, since we made a return journey by air from Moscow to Sochi almost exactly one year ago, spending one week in beautiful Sochi. Our stay in Russia was a first for us, and it was a wonderful experience. We were simply overcome by the warm and sincere hospitality that everyone there extended to us. Nowhere else in the world have we ever been welcomed in that way.

Now we can only cry over the stupidity and pointlessness of those terrorists' murderous acts that rock the world, from New York to Istanbul and Jakarta, and from Madrid and Moscow to Bali. Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers go to our wonderful new friends, the Russian people, and more specifically, to the families of those innocent people who lost their loved ones in that tragedy.
J. Paul Braibant & Kartini
Pondok Aren,
Tangerang, Indonesia

To the precious people of Russia

Dear People of Russia,

We, Americans grieve with you on the loss of your innocent people.  It is incomprehensible how those terrorists can be so vicious and hateful to people they do not know.  Their agenda is to strike fear in people. And, it is a form of domination.  Please know that our prayers are with you.  May you find comfort in these difficult times.  We grieve with you because we know your sorrow - we have lost our loved ones to these terrorist also.  May those who cause so much pain in the world, be caught before they can do harm to more peoples and nations.

Anita LeDuc
To the Russian people

Dear Sirs:

I am just a common, hard-working citizen of the United States. I wanted to express my distress with the horrible terrorist incident in your country. After September 11th, most Americans woke up to the realities of terrorism and the human toll that these incidents create. To the families of those that lost lives in the history of your country and the pain inflicted by those that see guns and bombs as tools rather than the much more effective… hearts and minds…. I wish the best for all of you and hope that one day we will live in a shining world where conflicts are resolved by more elevated means.

Best wishes to the Russian people. We think of you today.

Call on the American people to help you as we would need your help as well.

Peace to you,
Stefan C. Sklaroff

My sympathy to Russian people

I wish to express my deep sympathy to the people of Russia for the lives lost in the terrorist attacks this week.  It is at times like this that we - the American and Russian people - realize how alike we are in so many ways.  We are both citizens of great nations which have been wounded by terrorism; we are both committed to fighting terrorism in all its forms but ultimately wish only peace and justice on the world.  Know that the American people stand with you in your hour of sorrow and look with you to the day when violence in the name of religion and politics will no longer exist on the earth. 
Bob Hamilton
Tampa, Florida

You should know

Please know that many Americans care deeply and are praying for those affected by the attack on innocent individuals which occured by air in Russia.  Although the news was covered by American media, I did not see any reflection of American citizens being horrified by that,  and indeed we are,  All deserve to live without fear of terrorism.  With heartfelt sympathy, I remain.....  

Peggy Pershey

Our hearts go out to you

My wife and I wish to express our deepest sympathy to the Russian people, and particularly to those who lost friends and loved ones in the tragic and disgraceful terrorist attacks against you.

With Sympathy,
Thomas Samuel and Gail Sconing

Airline crashes

Dear Russia,
My heart goes out to you who lost loved ones in the terrorist strikes, and also to those who feel unsafe and powerless.  I felt this way too after 9/11.  I wish I could offer some words of wisdom.  All I felt was the need  to redouble my efforts in my lapsed martial arts studies, but at the same time knowing it was not quite enough for the souls aboard the doomed jet crashed in Pennsylvania.

Would that there was an answer to this madness and strife.
Maja Ramirez
Chicago, IL, USA