D Slavovich Ratz: Number of HIV-infected Russians reached a million RESPONSE

To address the ever increasing death of our nation we must first visit the former British Provinces of Palestine.  It is here on the eve of Easter in this same year special services prevented ten terror plots.  The attack involved detonating a bomb with contents of AIDS-infected blood.  The alive victims would become AIDS carriers,   ISRAILand reports.

Enemies stoop to using AIDS as a weapon.  This warfare logic has bases in Western thought which outlines that it serves one's purposes to leave enemies wounded rather than dead.  This slows down the adversary, making him assign time to the wounded or demoralizes him from leaving his comrades to die for expediency.  It is clear that is what is happening in Russia now.

The epicenters of these seemingly natural attacks have occurred with great ferocity at Sverdlovsk, Samara, Moscow, Irkutsk, and St. Petersburg regions. 

The situation is much dire and severe in Ukraine.  All of these point to one cause.  Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) is a tourist attraction known for murder of the Romanovs.  Westerners tour Irkutsk under the pretenses of seeing Lake Baikal.  Yet all of 'these' places throughout our country covering 11 time zones, specifically these five are the "most" hit by the mysterious HIV epidemic. 

Clearly that is also the case in Ukraine that is even closer to the west, & Moscow and St. Petersburg are no exception.

Careless free sprit on the British Part?  There are more startling
information that draws the picture of death for Russians and clearly where the British, leadership included, stand on this development.  Are they appalled?  Reader can see for himself, and be appalled.  The British newspaper Evening Standard  reported terrorists were dispatched from United Kingdom to Russia.  That extremists under the cover of Sakina Securities LTD (Britian-based company) trained terrorists and directed the infiltration of Russia.  17 to 20 year olds found training here for subversive acts, methods of guerilla war, and use of sniper arms.  Results: 543 Acts of Terrorism committed  in just one southern Russian province during last year.  Russian President's adviser Andrei Illarionov might not realize how right he was when he recently said British government is declaring "all-out and total war on Russia".

Even as terrorists were making ricin from beans (grain is enough to kill a human), and stabbed policeman upon Scotland Yard's raid detainment of 10 'alleged terrorists, that was not enough to deter the British from aiding and abetting known terrorist Akhmed Zakayev.  The British public even knows those that were arrested received training in Chechen terrorist camps.  If English don't have malice towards us, why would they risk terrorist chemical weapons attack on British capital?

To add insult to injury on July 8th Strasbourg-based court called on Russia (and Moldova) to give 800,000 Euros to terrorist IIasku who himself didn't even deny his participation in terrorism, and exterminations, "assassinating deputies of the Tiraspol municipal council."  They are stripping our economy!   They are lowering our women to opening their legs to get crumbs of bread.  Even that is not enough for the vice Englishmen.  They give death sentence to these girls. 

Reducing lives of these beautiful Russian women to life of suffering and sorrows, and finally death.

All British invading plague carriers should be shot on sight, and everything left behind is to be incinerated.  In America we have law defining 'manslaughter' (murder) due to negligence.  All British should be poked for blood the first time they visit, so if they come back in 6 months plus from now we can easily pick them out in the Russian airport, because results would be a dead giveaway of the British plague carriers from businessmen.  Russia is failing to enforce this on a reasonable scale, and we have paid with 800,000 of our lives! 

On American radio I forget which station the talk-show host quoted an old writer "If your getting raped might as well enjoy it."

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova