Number of sex-addicted people increases speedily

Sex addicts also need more and more sex; as a result they do not shrink from casual sex contacts

Many women at least once met importunate men who seem to be wishing sex with any female any time. Such men explicitly hint they want to have sex and talk about sex only. In most cases, such men are not only annoying but also disgusting.

Recently, Canadian experts conducted researches and arrived at a conclusion that there is a mental disease, sex mania (sex addiction), and it can be cured.

Sexologists warn that the number of adults suffering from the disease is speedily increasing. Psychologists say sex mania resembles drug or alcohol addiction. Sex addicts also need more and more sex; as a result they do not shrink from casual sex contacts, have fancies connected with sex, suffer from depressions and absolutely cannot control their behavior.

Various sources estimate that 3-5 per cent of the adult population is sex addicted; at that 75 per cent of them are men. There are just few pedophiles among these people; they usually stick to the normal sexual behavior pattern; they may be of traditional or homosexual orientation. American Patrick Carnes first mentioned the notion of sex addiction in the 1980s; he meant paraphilias, sex which meets no approval in the society.

Carnes stated that sex addicted people went through the four stages of the disease:

- sex obsessions that require perpetual stimulation;
- making special erotic ceremonies before sex contacts to intensify sexual stimulation;
- such people are mentally dependant upon these ceremonies and absolutely lose control;
- they give way to despair and depressions that are inevitable for such patients.

It is believed that sex addiction is connected with a particular brain structure; serious research works are being currently conducted to prove or disprove this supposition. Some time ago, experts were inclined to explain sex addiction with unhappy childhood. As a rule, families of such people never spoke about sex and believed it was not good to reveal emotions and tenderness towards each other. Today, experts state that Internet seriously adds to people's sex obsession. It is an open secret that people often cannot stop if they once visit porn websites.

Sexologists say that to cure sex addiction people suffering from the disease must first of all admit they do suffer from it; and then undergo expert medical treatment.

Sometimes, doctors prescribe medications to obtund lust, but they at the same time emphasize these medications are not always effective in case of Internet sex addiction.

Psychologists believe, however, that the problem of sex addiction is exaggerated; they say sex dissipation is the only problem of sex addicts.

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Author`s name Olga Savka