Patrick Standfill: Bush should follow Saddam to the dock RESPONSE

I don't like Saddam. But, there he was on the front page of the Dallas newspaper, earlier in the week with the qoute, "Bush is a war criminal".
I think Saddam is entirely correct. I look forward to the day when George and his warmongering cronies are out of office and facing charges for their numerous criminal actions.
Most Americans have no idea that this country and it's military efforts are being directed by a small inner circle of elitests. Most people I talk to do not even know who or what the PNAC is.
My neighbor asked me the other day if I thought they would find mustard gas or WMD's in Iraq. I told him, I would be surprised if we did not. Bush Senior left enough of the stuff over there. So what if we do find it? Is that a great political victory? In legal terms, don't they call that entrapment?
It has been sickening for me to gradually wake up over the past two years and realize our administration is actually crooked instead of just stupid. And with the media giants here in the states, buffering the bad news from the public, I worried the perpetual corruption would only grow.
But now I see things starting to change, Rumsfeld and his lying mouth are out of the news and Cheney's bad deeds are finally catching up with him. The polls seem to show that the Shrub's glass house is starting to crack and crumble.
Will the course of history for this country and the world it impacts forever be changed just because journalists like Michael Moore and Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey simply will not shut up? Gosh, I sure hope so!
Thanks for another great read, Tim.
Patrick Stanfill
Fort Worth, Texas

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova