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Rebuilding Iraq

International Donor Conference meets in Spain
70 countries and international organizations are currently meeting in Spain to discuss the financing of the rebuilding process in Iraq. Should Russia pay?

In a word, no. No, because Russia, along with France, China, Brazil and Germany, among other nations, worked hard to live up to her obligations in the international community, following the legally constituted processes governed by the UN Charter. No, because Russia did everything possible to use the proper legal channels to resolve the crisis through dialogue, debate and discussion, the basic precepts of democracy.

No, because Russia insisted on a management of the crisis under the auspices of the UN Security Council, which is the only organism under the terms of international law competent to resolve the issue. No, because the UNSC already had teams in the field, working with the Iraqis, who were collaborating with the IAEA and UNMOVIC and no, because if the causus belli was Weapons of Mass Destruction, there was, and continues to be, no evidence that they existed.

Simply because Washington and London decided to charge in unilaterally, with a reduced posse of countries behind them, does not mean that the Russian Federation has any responsibility whatsoever to provide funding to reconstruct what these two countries decided to destroy.

Simply because Washington and London decided to jump the gun, disregard the UNSC and arrogantly deride it as a "League of Nations" if it did not back Washington's proposals and then ignore it because it was more than apparent that world public opinion was against this illegal attack, does not replace any responsibility on Moscow's doorstep.

If Washington and London had listened to the international community, ably led by Presidents Putin, Lula and Chirac, Chairman Hu and Chancellor Schroeder, there would be no need to rebuild Iraq because its infrastructures would not have been destroyed.

It is Washington and London that have the responsibility to rebuild Iraq because it was Washington and London that targeted civilian structures for military "precision" attacks, namely the water and electricity supply. It is Washington and London who have to carry forever the moral weight behind the slaughter of 10,000 civilians and a further 16,000 maimed for life, not

Moscow made it clear from the beginning that it wanted no part in this illegal and murderous attack against a soveign nation, outside the only proper forum of law. Moscow did everything possible to avert the war and explored every diplomatic alley in its quest for peace. Moscow did not break the law. Washington and London did.

Therefore it is logical that, like every common criminal, Washington and London must pay for their crimes. To expect Moscow to pay for the reconstruction of Iraq is to expect the victim of a rape or robbery to pay compensation to the perpetrators.