Memory of WWII: hiding with weapon in Macedonia

Scientists discovered cache of WWII ordnance under Macedonian city square during renovation work. None of the surrounding buildings were evacuated, as they were not thought to be in danger.

Explosives disposal experts said the 31 artillery shells dug up in Bitola, a city of 120,000 people about 190 kilometers (120 miles) southwest of the capital Skopje, dated from World War II, the Makfax private news agency reported.

A team of construction workers unearthed 28 60-millimeter shells on Friday morning, and three 75-millimeter-caliber shells were found Thursday.

"Given the fact that so much ordnance was located in area covering just 10 square meters (about 105 square feet), the presence of other unexploded shells is very likely," explosives disposal expert Kostadin Popovski said, reports the AP.