Britain: Human rights campaigners protest near Myanmar embassy

Rights group organizers from Britain joined colleagues from 12 other nations to demand a resolution from the United Nations Security Council and for governments of the world to address the crisis in eastern Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

More than 15,000 Karen villagers have fled their homes since November following attacks led by the military-controlled government of Myanmar, according to Mark Farmaner, campaign manager for Burma Campaign U.K., a human rights group.

Curtains were drawn across the windows of the embassy's brick building on a London side street, as nearly 50 protesters dared employees inside to come out and face the crowd.

A spokeswoman at the embassy declined to comment on the protests or the situation in Myanmar, the AP reports.

The abuses of which the government is accused range from torture and rape to the burning of villages.

Zoya Phan, 25, a Karen forced to flee to Thailand 10 years ago, said villages - including her own - were destroyed without reason by the military-led government.