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Indonesian court sentences Australian model to three months in prison

An Australian lingerie model was found guilty on Friday of using drugs and sentenced to three months in jail, a term she served while awaiting the court's verdict. Michelle Leslie, a 24-year-old model, was caught with two Ecstasy pills when Indonesian police on the resort island of Bali raided a dance party on Aug. 20.

She smiled and sat quietly with her hands clasped as the verdict and sentence were handed down. Australian lawyer Ross Hill said he hoped his client would be freed from the Bali Kerobokan Prison late Friday or early Saturday.

Leslie's trial is the latest of several drug cases involving Australians in Indonesia. Last month, nine Australians went on trial after being arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs onto a flight from Bali to Sydney.

In May, former beautician Schapelle Corby, 28, was sentenced to 20 years in jail for smuggling marijuana onto the island, reports the AP. I.L.