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Man escapes after opening fire in Chinese school, injuring 16 students

A man armed with homemade guns opened fire at a primary school in eastern China, injuring 16 rids during their morning exercises, a state news agency said Thursday. No deaths were reported.

Police were searching for the man, who escaped after the shooting Wednesday at the Niutoushan Primary School in Guangde County in Anhui province, Xinhua News Agency reported.

There was no indication of the reason for the attack or whether police knew the man's identity.

Seven students were hospitalized with severe wounds, while nine others received less serious injuries, the report said.

China has suffered a series of attacks in schools over the past two years, usually involving knives. The attacks have killed a total of at least three children and left dozens injured.

The central government responded by ordering schools throughout the country to hire guards and take other steps to tighten security.

In the attack Wednesday, the middle-aged man opened fire as children were exercising at the school, Xinhua said, citing a teacher identified only by the surname Chen.

It said a cable television company employee working nearby ran to the school after hearing the shots and was struck in the head with a gun by the man as he escaped, reports the AP.