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Kidney donation saved 10-year-old child

Surgeons are &to=http://' target=_blank>transplanting fewer hearts in Canada, especially among babies and children, because there aren't enough donor organs available, according to a new report.

Data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information show more than 130 &to=http://' target=_blank>adults and children are desperately waiting for new hearts.

Over the last 10 years, 375 Canadians died waiting for a heart transplant.

A lack of donors isn't the only problem, said Dr. Arvind Koshal, director of cardiac surgery at the Alberta Heart Institute.

"There would be definitely situations where organs could be used and are not being used," said Koshal, CBS News informed.

According to the All Africa News, the love in his eyes is almost tangible as kidney donor Jeffrey Molaolwa relaxes in his 10-year-old daughter Patience's ward in Red Cross Children's Hospital.

The father and daughter have plenty to smile about. Patience's life has been saved by one of her dad's kidneys - and she has gained a little brother, who was born early today in Kimberley.