Violence outburst in Fallujah

More than 100 people were killed in clashes in Iraq on Thursday, and on Friday, June 25, the heavy gunfights continued in Fallujah.

US troops were fighting insurgents in the city from tanks and armoured vehicles.

PRAVDA.Ru wrote that the catastrophic situation in Iraq is the legacy of the irresponsibility and blase attitude to world affairs, which is the approach of the Bush regime. In purposefully targeting civilian structures in Iraq, (so that lucrative rebuilding contracts could be handed out to the corporate elite surrounding the White House?), the Bush regime has caused a seething hatred among the Ba'ath regime diehards, the Shia militia (formerly their enemies) and has seen thousands of insurgents pouring into the country to fight the invasion forces.

This is not the peace and stability that Bush promised, this is not the result of the "freedom and democracy" political offensive that he expected. Hardly surprising, with an attitude which passed from a murderous "shock and awe" campaign, in which cluster bombs were deployed in civilian areas, to a heavy-handed policy of animosity towards the civilian population, whose hearts and minds the Bush regime hoped to win over.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team