Iraqi foreign ministry blames US for putting pressure on UN Security Council

Iraqi foreign minister Naji Sabri blames the USA for the constant pressure on the UN Security Council that prevents rapprochement between Iraq and the UN.

Sabri headed the Iraqi delegation at the third round of talks with the UN in Vienna on July 4th-5th, 2002. In a statement for the press Sabri pointed out that he had had a dialogue with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on a number of issues, focusing on the Iraqi-UN relations. The dialog in Vienna was "useful", though no one expected that it would "solve all the elements concerning the relations" between Iraq and the Security Council.

As in the two previous rounds, the Iraqi delegation presented its view of the situation that urged for "a comprehensive solution". The comprehensive formula means first of all lifting the economic blockade, stopping US threats to Baghdad, eliminating the so-called "no-fly zones", introduced by Washington and London, nuclear disarmament in the whole Middle East.

In his turn Iraqi deputy prime minister Tarik Aziz visiting South Africa said the USA had no right to insist on removing the Iraqi incumbent leadership. "The Iraqi people are able to protect their independence and dignity. We are ready to stand up for the protection of our country from any form of aggression," he stressed.