US Ambassador On Tour Of Far East

Economic links with Russia's Far East is a priority trend of US foreign policy, US Ambassador to Russia Alexander Vershbow told a press conference in Vladivostok (the Primorye administrative centre) on Monday. According to Vershbow, careful US investors will start to invest the Far-Eastern economy when the local legislation is improved to meet international law standards. The US government is to encourage American businessmen who intend to start business in Russia, Alexander Vershbow said. The Ambassador believes that after the recent Russia-US summit many American businessmen have an optimistic view on Russian-US economic relations. Before his trip to Primorye, Alexander Vershbow visited the island of Sakhalin to consider the participation of US businessmen in the implementation of major oil and gas projects. On Monday the US Ambassador to Russia will head for Yekaterinburg, the Urals.