Uzbekistan is with USA on Iraq Matter, Karimov

Uzbek President Mr.Islam Karimov said today that Uzbekistan agrees with US on Iraq issue fully because chemical weapons of Iraq are like a JINN in a closed bottle and if the bottle is opened it will be impossible to close it again. He also added that if Iraq's dangerous chemical weapons are not destroyed as soon as possible then they may reach to the hands of the terrorists and consequences of such turn of events will be unpredictable.

These sentences were said by Uzbek president at the press conference organized during official reception ceremony of the president of Slovakia Mr. Rudolph Shuster at Tashkent. President Karimov stated clearly that the position of Uzbekistan on Iraq issue is open for everybody and the representative of Uzbekistan had reaffirmed this stands at the session of UN security council stating that we are with US in this regard.

Commenting on Afghanistan the Uzbek leader told that Taliban has destroyed the historical statue of "BUDHA" and refused to talk with the official delegation of the UN security council. He also stated that since 11 years the world community is raising the question whether Iraq has chemical-biological weapons in its land or not. In fact, the world very well knows that Iraq does possess their dangerous chemical weapons that is why Uzbekistan strongly support US on this issue.

In the meantime the president of Slovakia Mr. Rudolph Shuster visiting Uzbekistan from March 6-7 requested Uzbekistan to support candidature of Slovakia during election into non permanent members of the UN security council.

Aloke Shekhar Uzbekistan Special to PRAVDA.Ru

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