Victims of Anti-Terrorist Operation in Warsaw

One policeman was killed and fifteen injured during an operation of the Polish anti-terrorist forces on the suburbs of Warsaw.

Chief Commandant of the Polish Police Ryszard Sewerski said that the incident had taken place in the town of Magdalenka during the detention of criminals suspected of a murder of the head of the Police Station Criminal Investigation Department in March 2002.

At night, policemen surrounded a dwelling house where the criminals had found their shelter. During the assault, the criminals -presumably there were two of them - started firing at policemen from automatic rifles and throwing grenades at them. The policemen were forced to leave the burning house as they heard the explosions. The policemen believe that the criminals had an ammunition store in the house and had mined the adjoining territory.

Combat engineers are clearing the territory off mines. It is not ruled out that the criminals in the house were killed.

At present, the Magdalenka district is blocked. Lessons in a school nearby have been cancelled.