Iraq Rejects Accusations of Not Cooperating Actively Enough With International Inspectors

Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri has furiously rejected the United States' accusations that Baghdad was not cooperating with international inspectors actively enough.

The cooperation is in fact "not just active but hyperactive," he told a press conference on Monday.

Sabri believes the purpose of the US-British aggression against Iraq is not to destroy weapons of mass destruction but to get access to oil, not just Iraqi oil but "all the oil of the Persian Gulf." At the same time, he does not think the war is inevitable.

Addressing the press conference, he reminded that the USA and Britain had been insisting on the adoption of United Nations Security Council's resolution No. 1441 so that UN inspectors could return to Iraq. "We have adopted the resolution, the inspectors are in Iraq," he stated.

Over the past two months, according to Sabri's words, international inspectors examined 490 facilities, including all those mentioned in British Premier Tony Blair's declarations as the ones dealing with the production of weapons of mass destruction. The inspections revealed nothing of the kind. "Why then should the war be inevitable?" he inquired.

"War is inevitable only for warmongers," believes the foreign minister.

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