Four CIS Presidents Summit – What Is the Result

As usual in the end of the 2002 summit of the four presidents and observers of the few countries was held under the banner of "Central Asian Cooperation Organization" in the capital city of Kazakhstan. Since no miracle can happen in the politics that is why it is quite difficult to say that whether His Excellencies four members of this organization are honestly doing cooperation with each other or just a meeting. The above said meeting was attended by the presidents of Kazakhistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

When we are seeing the another side cannot forget the fact that in the year 2002 presidents of the four Central Asian Countries met four times under this banner which clearly shows that since USSR is no more but they need each other. This should be mentioned here that from 1994 the presidents signed 214 various documents.

Like other summit, conferences, seminars in this summit also Afghanistan and traffic of drug was in the focus but the appeal of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan was important because this very first time Afghanistan has been invited as an observer to this organization. Really the effort of Uzbek President Karimov to include the neighbor disturb country is full of regard and kindness because Karimov openly says that "If we want a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, that this country does not threaten its neighbors any more, it is necessary not to fenced off from Afghanistan but to build bridges to it".

Of course, the step and attention of Karimov will not show the result today or tomorrow but the neighbor countries will be obliged if peace (democracy) will come in Afghanistan. Anti-Drug Centre suggested by Nazarbaev is also very important for this region as few days before the representative of UN (Drug Control & Crime Prevention) told the press that till date 44-45 percent of the drug are passing through CIS and in spite of all possible try & international help this year too Afghanistan is going to collect 3400 tons of drugs etc. President of Tajikistan Mr. Emomali Rakhmonov who seemed to be an experienced leader said that this is necessary for the world community to pay more attention on Afghanistan. He also cry for the money which Tajikistan is yet to get. As per Rakhmonov the Tajik government yet to receive the billion dollars on the program of post-conflict reconstruction, assured us 5 years before.

In particular the summit main aim is to develop the regional cooperation between the CIS countries. When the cooperation will develop automatically number of problems will be solved like illegal migration and trans-border, problems of security in the region etc. Since the politics of the CIS countries are changing very often, thus it is difficult to say that whether these type of summit will help to the ordinary people who awaits the real result or a society which cannot understand politics.

Aloke Shekhar Tashkent Special for PRAVDA.Ru

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