EU is doing its best not to transfer Patriot air defence systems to Ukraine

No one wants to transfer Patriot air defence systems to Ukraine

Without air defence systems, Ukraine will not be able to last long in the conflict with Russia. Germany was supposed to find Patriot air defence systems for the Armed Forces Ukraine, but it appears that the search was fruitless.

NATO countries look for reasons not to transfer Patriot air defence systems to Ukraine

Without air defence systems Ukraine will suffer inglorious defeat. A few days ago, Volodymyr Zelensky said that in order to resist Russia's destructive attacks, Ukraine would need 25 Patriot or similar air defence systems.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Kyiv wanted to receive seven new batteries out of the hundred that he could find available in the world.

The United States has 60 Patriot batteries on duty, but the Pentagon does not want to expose its skies. Washington ordered a search for the systems in Europe, this is an ironclad argument for the allies. The main victims have been selected:

  • Germany,
  • Spain,
  • Greece.

Berlin, like a "favourite wife," has been looking for air defence systems everywhere sending "chain letters” to all colleagues. Germany is also required to lead by example — one system in addition to the two that have already been transferred and destroyed.

"If the Americans could ship Patriot systems, it would be a huge help,” German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio on Monday, April 22.

It appears that Berlin shows resistance and wants the United States to be Ukraine's patriot No. 1, as in the case of tanks.

Greece and Spain as the weak link

According to The Financial Times, Greece and Spain are under greater pressure as weak links. Unlike Poland and Romania, Greece and Spain are located far from the zone of hostilities.

When asked whether Spain could support Ukraine with Patriot systems (four Patriots), Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez replied that his country would make decisions based on its capabilities and would prefer not to put the cart before the horse. Foreign ministers of the Netherlands and Sweden released similar statements.

Greece found a brilliant way out of the situation. According to Pronews website, Athens will transfer one Patriot PAC-3 air defence system (out of six) to Ukraine in exchange for American guarantees against the Turkish threat and a package of financial compensations. Greece will be able to get the money from the $61 billion package that will be transferred to Ukraine. Will the United States be able to give Greece guarantees regarding Turkey that lays claim to numerous Greek islands? This is impossible.

Why no one wants to help Ukraine with Patriot supplies

Blood is thicker than water. Yet, according to NATO requirements, European countries must ensure the functionality of Patriot batteries and supply spare parts and a sufficient number of interceptor missiles. In other words, EU states would have to send their personnel to Ukraine, bring everything to mind and under control and fear Russia's response. The schedule for the production of interceptor missiles is always busy, let alone the fact that one missile costs $4 million.

France and Italy that use the Franco-Italian SAMP/T Mamba medium-range air defence system turned out to be the biggest winners. French and Italian officials say that Ukraine needs only Patriot systems, because the Ukrainian military already know how to use them.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov
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