Thunderstorm rains reach Crimea

Thunderstorm rains that have struck the Crimea after the 40-degree heat (Celsius) have destroyed the landslide sections of motor ways and railway lines. The north-eastern areas of the peninsula have be suffered most from that.

As the on-duty officers of the main department of the Ministry for Emergency Situations and the Protection of Ukrainian Citizens in the Crimea report, the heavy rains have washed out hundreds of metres of the railway track. Train communication at some sections has been suspended.

The passengers of the Kerch-Moscow train were evacuated on the night of August 8-9 from the flooded area by buses.

The rains have flooded over 100 residential homes and social facilities in some towns in the eastern part of the peninsula.

The number of accidents along various routes of motor ways flooded by rains has increased noticeably. Authorities are specifying the damage caused by the natural calamity, and also the local situation.