Can the world renounce nuclear weapons for the sake of global peace?

The complete renunciation of nuclear weapons will not rid the world of war as a phenomenon. Instead, such a move will create new threats due to the lack of nuclear deterrence, Dmitry Stefanovich, an employee of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations believes, reports.

"If we renounce nuclear arms we will avoid a nuclear apocalypse, but we won't be able to avoid wars. Non-nuclear weapons can cause considerable destruction as well. A non-nuclear world can be even more dangerous,” he concluded.

The scale destruction in Syria, Libya and Iraq can only confirm the thesis about the destructive power of conventional weapons. Moreover, the use of conventional weapons does not carry moral damage as opposed to nuclear arms.

"Nowadays, nuclear weapons are like a sword of Damocles that hangs over any potential aggressor. If you decide to fight a nuclear power, there is always a possibility that all this will end badly for both sides. As for non-nuclear weapons, there is no such fear,” Stefanovich concluded.

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Editor Dmitry Sudakov