Ukrainian militants call the eastern front of the Russian operation "hell on earth"

The Ukrainian military from the front line called their life terrible. An article about "hell on earth" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was published in The Independent.

Among the most frequent complaints of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, expressed in an interview with The Associated Press, are poor organization, desertion, psychological distress due to incessant shelling. The publication notes the pessimistic mood of the Ukrainian fighters.

According to the story of the Ukrainian military Alexei, who received a leg injury in Zolote, the belief that NATO weapons would save the situation dried up. He reported that his unit's ammunition supply ran out after a few weeks, and it was impossible to stand up in the trenches due to constant shooting. The losses of his unit alone amounted to 150 people killed in the first three days of hostilities. The evacuation of the wounded was impossible during the day.

“On TV they show beautiful pictures of the front line, solidarity in the army, but in life everything is different. <…> The commanders don’t care that you are psychologically broken. If your heart is beating, your arms and legs are in place, you must return”, he admitted.

Two other soldiers, who had no combat experience and had previously worked in the office, after completing initial training, were immediately thrown to the front line on the eastern front. According to them, many soldiers refused to fight.

“To live in constant stress, lack of sleep and malnutrition is difficult. To see all these horrors with my own eyes - death, severed limbs ... It is unlikely that anyone’s psyche can cope with this,” shared a former 28-year-old teacher from Slovyansk, talking about the life of the Ukrainian military.

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Author`s name Petr Ernilin