US unveils past plans of nuclear attack on USSR

In case of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, the United States could have destroyed at least 179 targets in Moscow and 145 in Leningrad.

A nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union could begin in 1959, a declassified document from the US National Archives said.

The plan was developed by the US Strategic Air Command in 1956. In accordance with the plan, the US could strike a nuclear blow on the Soviet Union in 1959. 

In addition to Moscow and Leningrad, the United States was going to strike 91 targets in East Berlin.

The New York Times wrote that the US was intended to attack not only industrial and government facilities, but also densely populated areas.

Each target on the list had a code number corresponding to the point of potential destruction. The document also says that nuclear potential of the United States was ten times the size of the Soviet one during the above-mentioned period.  

The goal was to encircle the Soviet Union with air bases. If the war had begun, aircraft with nuclear bombs on board would have flown in the direction of largest cities of the USSR to bomb the targets. 


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