Pentagon unable to account for 6 in 10 dollars of $2.26 billion spent on Afghanistan

The missing money was part of the relatively small amount of Afghanistan spending that was routed directly to military officers in a bid to bypass bureaucracy and rush the construction of urgently needed roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water treatment plants and other essential infrastructure. About 70 percent of the $100 billion the United States has spent to rebuild Afghanistan during more than 13 years of war went through the Pentagon, with the rest distributed by the U.S. Agency for International Development and other civilian departments.The Pentagon is unable to account for $1.3 billion that was shipped to force commanders in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2014 for critical reconstruction projects. The lost amount accounts for 60 percent of all such spending under an emergency program, a recent report said. 

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John F. Sopko, the U.S. special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, conducted a yearlong investigation that found that the Pentagon could not provide basic information about what happened to 6 in 10 dollars of $2.26 billion it had spent over the course of a decade on the Commanders Emergency Response Program.

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