Ringtones for mobiles enhance woman's bosom

Japanese specialists invent a unique melody for mobile phones, which supposedly enhances woman's breast size. According to the author of the invention, the melody acts on the unconscious level.

The melody entitled "Rockmelon" has already been downloaded by more than 10 000 mobile phone owners. Creator of the melody, Hidero Tomabishi, who is in fact a specialist in the area of cognitive sciences, is also well-known in his country for helping out former members of the "Aum Sinrike" sect to get back to normal life.

According to Tomabishi, the melody contains some sort of a "program", which, through the unconscious, activates certain processes in one’s organism that stimulate breast growth.

One of the female users claims she did not believe in the effectiveness of the melody at first. To her, it all seemed a mere lie. After a week however, to her own surprise, she discovered that her bust size had increased by 2,5 cm. "This is a real miracle!" says the happy owner of her rounded bosom.

Inspired by his success, Hidero Tomabashi intends to go even further with his invention. He plans to write other "healing" melodies for mobile phones, which will help people battle boldness, quit smoking or simply make people more attractive for the opposite sex.

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