German nudists told to keep their clothes on

A minor war has broken out on the beaches of Germany's Baltic seaside resorts, between nudists and those who prefer to enjoy the sea with their clothes on.

"The culture of the free body", as the nudist movement is known, is apparently not to the liking of west German tourists, who are demanding from the authorities that special areas be set aside for nudists in less frequently visited parts of the beach. Such demands have already been successful in some areas. According to reports from Turist.Ru, the public beach at Warnemund has been split into two zones.

"I've sunbathed and swum naked on the beach all my life," said Susan Koks in an interview with Reuters. It seems that the disagreement on nudist culture is just one of a set of differences dividing east and west Germans, who refer to each other disdainfully as 'Ossis' and 'Wessis'. "Tourists from the west are spoiling the atmosphere here," Koks believes. "They don’t know what they're missing by wearing swimsuits. It's a disgrace that Germans from the west are so intolerant."

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Author`s name: Editorial Team