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Striptease dancer goes to Church to dance in nun's outfit

A former dancer at a strip-club heard the word of God and now dances exclusively in his name. Anna Nobili, a 34-year old Italian woman, told of how she underwent her miraculous transformation.

The former striptease dancer from Milan gave a speech during a pilgrimage to the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. As a young girl Anna, like thousands of Italian girls, dreamed of learning to dance, becoming famous, appearing on the front-covers of famous fashion magazines and having love affairs with famous footballers. The dream came true - and not just in part: Anna began dancing in strip-clubs. She was a big hit, but just a few years later, Anna realized that her show’s ecstatic admirers only wanted her body, and wanted to "spit on her soul from a high bell tower". When she uttered these words in her speech, the crowd of pilgrims in Santiago broke out in applause. Sister Anna explained how a girl she knew persuaded her to go to church, since, as she said, "God doesn't change you instantly, but bit by bit. Prayer and temperance take time." Only in the town of Assisi, the birthplace of St Francis, did Anna look to the heavens one time after mass, and understood that God existed.

Soon after her discovery, she had her hair cut so as to become a nun, but at the same time didn't give up dancing. She even performed an erotic dance for the pilgrims in her nun's outfit, demonstrating that believing in God doesn't have to stop a person from developing her talents.