Japanese kites in Moscow's sky

On July 27-28 the Japanese Garden will host an exhibition of kites. It is timed to the 15th anniversary of this section of the Botanical Garden and is sponsored by the Japanese Embassy to Russia.

The Japanese Garden was open in 1987 on the project of famous Japanese landscape designer Ken Nakajima. More than 100 species of plants, brought from the island of Hokkaido (Japan's north) - sakura, David's elm, Japanese rhododendron, Mono maple and many other exotic trees and bushes grow here. Admirers of Japanese culture come to the Japanese Garden to enjoy the blossom of apricot, sakura, rhododendron, iris and lavender.

This weekend some 30 kites of unusual form, typical of the Land of the Rising Sun, will be added to this beauty. Special master-classes will be organised at the exhibition to let everyone train in making and launching kites under the guidance of Japanese experts.

The kite art exists in Japan for more than 1000 years. This country boasts the world's greatest variety of kites. According to legends, kites with images of demons can repel fiends. Those with turtles and cranes bring health and longevity.