Chernobyl Memory Day Marked In Moscow On Saturday

Today a day of memory of those who died in radiation-caused accidents and catastrophes will be marked at the Moscow mayor's office. Fifteen years ago an accident happened at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. A radioactive cloud covered vast territories. Effects of the catastrophe could have been much worse, but fire-fighters, rescuers and building workers displayed much courage and fought against. RIA Novosti was told at the committee for public and interregional contacts of the Moscow government that a thousand people involved in eliminating effects of the nuclear power accident have been invited - rescuers, scientists, work organisers, doctors and medical personnel, representatives of public organisations. Among the events honouring the memory of victims of radiation catastrophes is a meeting at the Mitino cemetery. Here are buried people who were the first to attack the invisible enemy and died of the radiation disease. Another such event is a concert in a hall of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

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