The colour of women's lingerie says a lot

No need to mention that a woman without any clothes seems less exciting to a man in comparison with a woman, wearing nice underwear. Lace and satin stir up a man’s imagination, making him guess and picture the intimate details of a woman’s body. This is a lot more exciting, than just staring at a naked woman. That is why the choice of lingerie is very important. Try to show your individuality. Get a pair of men’s boxer shorts, if you like punk-rock music or just want to be original. Think of buying panties with a cut in the most intimate place, or crotchless panties, if you want to show your temperament.

The more surprising the underwear is, the more temptation will be shown by your partner. The colour of the underwear is very symbolic in this respect too.

Red underwear works as an afrodiziak, it has its special energy. If a woman wears red underwear, then it means that she is hungry for animal sex.

Yellow underwear means that a woman wearing it wants her partner to give her the true and complete feedback. Although this colour does not excite much, it says that a woman is in need of the first-class sex. Violet and pink colours show that a woman feels sexual and passionate.

Blue underwear does not mean anything. Green underwear is worn by women with green eyes. The brown colour is basically preferred by constraining women.

The black colour of women’s underwear tells a man that he can feel free, relax, there are no obstacles or restrictions. Women, who love wearing black underwear, like experiments, respond to any of your wishes – they do it not because of your own satisfaction only, they want to get the sexual pleasure too. They wish to be equal in sex, combining activity and passivity.

White underwear is considered to be common. This is a neutral colour, it is associated with innocence and does not indicate any tendencies to be noticed.

A man does not have to study the books on the psychology of colour in order to get, what your underwear symbolizes. The colour works subconsciously, a partner can not even realize the information from the colour you wear. Nevertheless, a man will feel a lot better with a woman wearing black.