Fidel Castro at the head of mosquito hunt

The Aedes Aegypty female mosquito made Cubans dance to its tune. For the whole year, measures were being taken to annihilate this insect, which spreads a form of malaria that leads to death, RBN reports. However, this campaign did not produce the desired results. Then, Fidel Castro himself became the leader of the anti-mosquito fight: he appeared on television and mobilized 11 thousand Havana citizens to the fight. The first raid was carried out last weekend. While fighting against the mosquitoes, the hunters annihilate dumps, smoke houses, and teach the population how to catch the insect. After the first fighters’ brigades, a second wave of anti-insect fighters are sent to control their colleagues’ work.

“Doctor Damodar Penia, specialist in the field of medicine and member of regional party committee explained the principles and tasks of this battle aimed at the final annihilation of the mosquito,” – the press comments on the fight.

Translated by Vera Solovieva