Siberian Scientists Discover Way To Treat Mail With Anthrax Spores

Scientists in Siberia have discovered a way to effectively treat anthrax spores sent by mail. This information was disclosed by Valentin Dryukker, doctor of biology and the head of the microbiology laboratory at the Institute of Lymnology of the Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to Mr. Dryukker, anthrax spores in the mail can be destroyed in an electron accelerator. The researcher stressed that an accelerator is a "very efficient and effective" device. Mr. Dryukker said in an interview to a Novosibirsk weekly Science in Siberia that a document to use a pilot accelerator in Irkutsk to treat mail has been signed. According to him, the idea to find the new protection mechanism against microbiological terrorism emerged in the institute immediately following the tragedy in the United States. Microbiologists knew that the Novosibirsk Institute of Nuclear Physics had built electron accelerators, which destroyed microorganisms, Mr. Dryukker said. The Institute of Lymnology has carried out experiments to find out the best amount of the substance and conditions, which guarantee the complete elimination of lethal bacilli. "At the moment we have all the data necessary to issue recommendations on the use of devices that irradiate electrons to make mail safe from anthrax spores," the researcher said. He claims that there are a sufficient number of such devices in the U.S. and they are routinely used to sterilise medical equipment and food, as well as in construction. However, American scientists do not speak about using accelerators to treat mail. "We can share our method with them and make recommendations as to the appropriate dosage, which we have identified experimentally," Mr. Dryukker added.