Saunas: Combination of Fire and Water

A lot of people like going to saunas. A sauna used to be associated with cold beer and a company of friends. Now the situation has changed a bit: going to a sauna implies some sort of sexual activities and even perversion sometimes. Steam, beer and friends have been pushed into the background. Since people love mixing business with pleasure, let us try to find out, to which extent the sauna entertainment is good, and to which extent it is bad.

Going to saunas is good, because:

A warmer atmosphere of a sauna is best to make people feel erotic and sexy. Skin nerve endings get very sensitive to caresses, and a couple of visits to the steam room purifies human mind. You are not likely to suffer from any kind of remorse for all mean things that you might do there: the brain will allow your body to do whatever it wants to do. This freedom can hardly be achieved in other circumstances, only with the help of a lot of alcohol, maybe.

The problem of getting undressed in public is not a problem anymore. Everyone gets naked in a sauna and there is no shyness about it. Everyone feels very relaxed. Although, it is always possible to hide intimate body parts with a towel, which is not going to be a serious obstacle like a swimsuit, or a coat, for example.

Steam makes you feel sober. If you are unlucky to drink more alcohol than your body can cope with, a sauna will bring you back to life in some twenty minutes. There are a lot of various conveniences in modern saunas – gyms, jacuzzi, billiards and so on.

Going to saunas is bad, because:

If you feel like having sex in a steam room, it will be a great hardship for your body. The cardiovascular system might not stand such passion both inside and outside. On the other hand, dying while having sex is definitely beautiful.

There are a lot of sources of danger. If you do not drown in a pool, you might lean over a red-hot wall. No one will find it pleasant, even those, who find a certain satisfaction in a little bit of pain.

When everything is naked and accessible, the interest becomes somewhat dull. It is not ruled out that the your excitement about a dressed individual will fade away instantly, when an individual takes his/her clothes off. Wearing pants and jackets is absolutely out of question in a sauna: this might end in a heat stroke.

On the whole, it should be mentioned that having sex in a sauna is good to human health. It is important to do it correctly, because the combination of fire and water can be very dangerous at times. The majority of saunas have special instructions hanging on its walls.