Russian Women Can Get Husbands for an Hour

A new company opened in the Russian city of Perm where any woman can get a husband for an hour. Advertising of the services are posted everywhere on the buildings of the city.

According to the information of the New Region news agency (in the city of Perm) there is nothing spicy in activity of the company: employees of the organization render domestic services and do repairing about the house, whatever female clients wish.

As the organization explains, as of now, there are ten “husbands” in the staff. The men have undergone special casting to demonstrate their professional skills: they replaced sockets, glassed windows, beat carpets and handed wall-paper.

It is strange but the demand for such “husbands” is great enough: the men serve clients several times a day. At that, clients of the company are not only women. Director of the company says that men in Perm often don’t have time or inclination for housekeeping. Employees of the new company are paid 200 rubles per hour (it is about 7 dollars). By the way, the “husbands” will soon get a uniform of their own so that they could be distinguished from other men.