Want to Get Chicks? Learn to Blow Smoke Through Your Ears.

Some people are ready to come up very unbelievable tricks in order to gain popularity, and it makes no difference at that what kind of inventions these are. For instance, an Indian man learned how to smoke a pack of cigarettes uninterruptedly; at that, he even knows how to blow smoke out of his ears.

Dharmendra Singh from the Indian city of Bikaner (the state of Rajastan) can do what other people might only dream of. He can smoke a whole pack of cigarettes continuously and blow the smoke out of his ears The Indian man has been dreaming since his childhood being different from other people. Unfortunately, nature didn’t endow him with any special talents or nice looks. The poor guy had been thinking for a long time what he could do to become famous, when suddenly a great idea struck him. He decided that he would learn how to smoke and blow the cigarette smoke out of the ears.

Dharmendra devoted the last 1.5 years of his life studying this unusual science, and he finally achieved success! Now, he can blow smoke out of his ears with the best of them. Moreover, the fellow has learned how to whistle various tunes through his nose, which has added some charm to his personality. At first, his family treated his unusual manner of smoking rather skeptically, because they always believed smoking to be harmful for a person’s health. However, their attitude has radically changed: Dhamendra has become very popular, and people from different parts of the city come to see how the cool guy blows cigarette smoke through his ears. Now, none of his family members lecture him on the hazards of smoking. The man’s father is very happy that the son’s name appeared in the local press. Soon, Dharmendra Singh plans to organize a performance, which is to be included into the Guinness Record Book. The man is going to smoke 20 cigarettes one by one, and he will then blow smoke through both of his ears. is still not clear whether he is going to make his whistle his wonderful whistling tunes through his nose to break a Guinness Record as well.


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