Wall of Memory opened in Moscow in commemoration of victims of act of terrorism of two years ago

On Thursday a Wall of Memory was opened in a ceremony held in the underpass of Moscow's Pushkin Square where exactly two years ago an explosion went off killing 13 people and wounding about 100. The Wall of Memory commemorating those who died in the act of terrorism, is a large marble plaque of dark colour, on either side of which are two marble torches imitating the eternal flame. On a special platform at the bottom of the wall is a forged iron rose and live flowers.

"Today we are going back to that tragic day that took the lives of 13 people," said Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, opening the Memory Wall. He called the composition a "sign of our memory which time will not erase and which embodies our determination to fight terrorism, which we morally censure." Mayor Luzhkov said that terrorism "pursues one single aim -- to intimidate society, to stir up chaos in it and in this way to attain anti-humane aims." "We shall always struggle against that," said the mayor adding that the Moscow authorities have done their best to help the families of the victims of that act of savagery and vandalism." Luzhkov called the composition "a modest, but very worthy sign of our memory."