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Porn site congratulates Mikhail Gorbachev on his birthday

US-based porn site xHamster, one of the world's most popular websites for adults, decided to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the first and the last President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev.

According to LifeNews, webmasters changed the design of the main page of the site. They placed Gorbachev's well-recognized birthmark on the hamster's head. The symbol of the website was also shown wearing spectacles, whereas the slogan of the website was changed from "Just porn no bullshit" to "Glastnost Perestroika!!"

Site representatives said that one of the most active users of xHamster live in Germany (2.7 billion visits a year). The Germans adore Gorbachev as their national hero. Most German men over 40 keep pins with Soviet-German flags, images of Honecker and Gorbachev, and "Glastnost! Perestroika!" slogans on them.

"xHamster believes in real democracy, freedom of speech, and the freedom of choice for an adult to watch legal adult content. And for us "Russian Gorby" is one of the modern symbols of a democracy," site representatives said.


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