Michael Jackson's Doctor Out on Bail, Back for April Hearing

Michael Jackson's personal physician returns to court in April to find out the date for the next major step in the case — a proceeding that will reveal for the first time the evidence the prosecution believes will show his "gross negligence" was the direct cause of the pop star's death.

Dr. Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty Monday to a charge of involuntary manslaughter and a judge released him on $75,000 bail, The Associated Press reports.

The great pop singer, musician and dancer Michael Jackson died on 25 June 2009 at Lose Angeles and the Doctor Conrad was there.

Because of this the claim of death of Jackson is on Doctor Conrad Murray. Jackson’s family said that it was a murder. Doctor Conrad has not malice about Jackson’s death. He killed him by giving him over doses of Propofol medicine. He accepted that he was not given Jackson proper treatment as required.

After this hearing now for some time doctor took a free breath. But still Jackson’s family was not happy and said that we want justice, Moviematics reports.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the document said Jackson died from acute Propofol intoxication. It also said when investigators entered Michael Jackson's rented Bel Air mansion on the day of his death, they found a scene more reminiscent of a hospital room than a superstar's bedroom.

There investigators found various medical supplies, including: an oxygen tank, a box of catheters, disposable needles, alcohol pads, and a plastic liner on the bed.

Numerous prescription medicines were found strewn across several tables. Medications for anxiety, insomnia, panic disorders, anti-depression, a muscle relaxer and 11 vials of Propofol, the powerful anesthetic not normally used outside of a hospital setting.

"It’s hospital protocol that we never give Propofol without an anesthesiologist present because a lot of people stop breathing, so even in the hospital you have to follow strict rules. Outside of the hospital, almost unheard of, dangerous,” according to Dr. Bruce Hensel, Chief Medical Editor for NBCLA.

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