Orlando Bloom's Home Looted

Orlando Bloom's California home was burglarized while he was away, police said on Thursday.

Officers were called to Bloom's home in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening, after one of the actor's relatives found the home had been broken into, police spokeswoman Tenesha Dobine said, Reuters reports.

Los Angeles police say they are investigating a break-in at Orlando Bloom's Los Angeles home.

Police spokeswoman Amanda Betat (BAY'-tat) says officers responded to the 32-year-old actor's home Wednesday afternoon, The Associated Press reports.

According to TMZ.com thieves entered Bloom's house through a window and made off with roughly $500,000 worth of booty, New York Daily News reports.

According to London’s Daily Telegraph, part of the actor’s prized wristwatch collection, which is believed to include over 40 valuable timepieces, was raided. His collection reportedly included eight watches that were more than 40 years old, six rare Rolexes, including a rare antimagnetic Milgauss from the 1950s, which vintage watch experts told the paper could be worth almost $200,000. His collection also reportedly included a Rolex Submariner, popularized by Sean Connery in “Goldfinger,” estimated to be worth over $32,000. His entire watch collection was reported worth over $328,000, according to the paper.

Police told Access they do not currently have a suspect and the case is ongoing, Access Hollywood reports.