Britain's Teen Boy Survives 12 nights in Australia's wilderness

A British teenager is "back from the dead" after surviving 12 nights in Australia's unforgiving bushland by eating seeds and sleeping under his jacket, his father has said.

An exhausted and dehydrated Jamie Neale, 19, was discovered by chance by two hikers in the rugged Blue Mountains west of Sydney, ending an ordeal which began when he set off for a lone trek on July 3, informs AFP.

According to Telegraph, Jamie, from Muswell Hill in north London, arrived in Australia on June 22. The area, one hour west of Sydney, is popular for tourists, but is also known for its dense bush land and difficult terrain.

The details of his rescue were not yet available, but police and the emergency services had been carrying out ground and air searches for seven days in the hope of finding him. His father, Richard Cass, had flown out from London to help the search. He was confident his son would be found, and said Jamie could cope well with the cold conditions in the mountains.

Mr Neale's mother, Jean Neale, said she had refused to believe she would never see her son again.

Speaking from her home in Muswell Hill, she told Sky News: "I never gave up hoping, I always knew he'd be coming home. He's determined and if he sets his mind to something, he will do it. I told all the family and his friends that he was coming home and I had no doubts about that. That kept them strong and in turn that kept me strong," The Associated Press reports.