Zorro returns: Banderas and Zeta-Jones again as Zorro and Elena

Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones again as Zorro and Elena. Age has not withered their charms, even if Martin Campbell's film spends almost as much time with their stunt doubles as he does with them. This is an action movie remember, and not to be treated seriously for a moment.

Zorro is now married to Elena and possessed of a 10-year-old son (Adrian Alonso). She thinks he's deserted them in favour of swashbuckling and serves divorce papers on him; he hits the bottle, along with his steed, reports This is London.

According to Scotsman, Welsh beauty &to=http://english.pravda.ru/culture/2005/10/21/65755.html' target=_blank>Catherine Zeta Jones also returns to cross swords in the sequel as Zorro's no-nonsense wife Elena. It was their sizzling on-screen chemistry which helped to make the original film a $250 million hit, and Antonio admits he was keen to recapture the magic.

"Knowing that Catherine and many of the people who had worked on the first movie would be returning, I knew it was going to be exciting," he says.

Zorro loses his mask early in the show, leading to a series of unfortunate events that set the stage for his divorce.

Imagine Zorro losing his cool at a party, with his beautiful wife in the hands of another man, and ending up drunk and talking to his horse.

Despite the advent of computer-generated superheroes, it is interesting to note movie studios still have faith in resurrecting the classic action heroes. Zorro’s adventures have spawned titles like Zorro’s Fighting Legion, Zorro the Gay Blade, Zorro Rides Again and The Mask of Zorro.