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ISS software updated

Software has been updated on the International Space Station. To do a check, on-board computers will be switched off for a few seconds at 4:40 p.m., Moscow time, on Wednesday.

The many times postponed updating of the mathematical software version in the entire computer complex of the ISS has been completed today, Viktor Blagov, second in command of the Russian ISS segment, has told RIA Novosti.

Last Thursday, July 15, Russian specialists in the Mission Control Center failed to load the new software version. After making an analysis, the decision was taken to conduct updating on July 21.

Reloading will be held within the framework of preparations for the maiden flight of the unmanned European cargo ship Jules Verne, to be launched in 2005. This space truck will partly shoulder work of the Russian Progress spaceships. Following suspension of the American shuttles operation, only the Progress craft have been bringing in cargoes to the ISS station.