New technology allows sending medical images via cell phones

Now you have a perfect opportunity to send medical images via cell phones. This technology has recently been developed by a group of engineers at the University of California at Berkeley.

The standard triple system used to make medical images was separated and combined so that the technique was not so bulk and expensive.

The images are quite well adapted, reduced to a mere kilobytes, it can actually be feasible.

The phone, hooked up to the data acquisition device, transmits the raw data to the central server where the information will be used to create an image. The server relays the image back to the cell phone, where it can be viewed on the cell phone’s screen.

This research was conducted by Boris Rubinsky, professor of bioengineering and mechanical engineering, who supports the idea that the new technology can bring medical imaging to the majority of population in the world which has no access to ultrasounds, X-rays, magnetic resonance images, and other medical imaging technology.