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Pink poodle's owner to appear in court

How far can you go to raise money even for noble impulse? A poodle dyed pink is a great example to taste, chew and digest.

A Colorado resident dyed her poodle pink with the help of beet juice. She tried to attract more attention to the problem of breast cancer research by this "unnatural hue."

The Humane Society in Boulder, Colorado, didn’t appreciate this action that turned into a number of warnings and ended with a fine.

The dog’s owner is sure that there is nothing code-breaking ( Boulder 's code against coloring is meant to keep people from dyeing rabbits and chicks at Easter) and dangerous in her action, besides there is no harm for the dog, as she used food to stain her dog, it can be easily consumed. But this innovation really attracted attention, every one was ready to pay for patting that little pinky.

The dog’s owner is due to appear in court Tuesday.