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Moscow: the price of space tourist flights may change

The base price of $20 million for a space tourist flight may be specified during negotiations, deputy head of the Federal Space Agency Nikolai Moiseyev told an Internet-briefing on Tuesday.

According to him, the Federal Space Agency was holding negotiations with potential space tourists on the terms and the time limits of their flights. After specific agreements are reached, it will be possible to speak about the date of the flight by a new space tourist. "The cost of a space flight depends on the flight duration and program and additional services provided at the stage of preparations and after return to the Earth. Therefore, we offer the sum of $20 million as the reference price, which can be specified," Nikolai Moiseyev said.

Replying to the question about whether the US astronauts preferred Russian cuisine on the International Space Station (ISS), the deputy head of the Federal Space Agency noted that Progress cargo space vehicles normally delivered the equal amount of Russian- and US-made food rations. "The expeditions organized to the international space station show that Russian rations are consumed more intensively than US-made food parcels. So, you can judge for yourselves," Nikolai Moiseyev said.