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Tenders in Russian shares at a low

On Wednesday tenders in Russian shares were marked by lack of a single tendency and a low volume.

On results of the day, the RTS index increased by 0.62 percent to 589.7 points. The volume of tenders on the classic share market on Wednesday was low - about 16.8 million dollars, or almost 9 million dollars below the Tuesday indicator.

Almost a third of the total market turnover fell on transactions with Lukoil and RAO Russia's UES shares each - 5.040 and 4.489 million dollars, respectively. The growth leaders were Surgutneftegaz shares, adding 4.62 percent to the recent closure. Against the general background, Lukoil shares, also getting 2.2 percent costlier, crowned the trade day. Tatneft and Yukos shares lost over one percent in price - 1.92 and 1.46 percent; RAO Russia's UES shares became 0.25 percent cheaper.

According to traders, tenders were slack and inactive. The positive effect of the Standard&Poor's statement of the possible increase in Russia's rating to the investment rating already this year has rapidly been reduced to naught, made up for by the Fitch doubts on this matter.

In the opinion of Olma's analyst Olga Belenkaya, the unfavourable factor has also been the statement of Alan Greenspan, head of the American Federal Reserve System, on the possibility of a more aggressive upping of the interest rates and lowering of the world oil prices by 2-2.5 percent. "One gets the impression that Western investors have temporarily lost interest in the Russian market because even seemingly negative news are causing no reaction from sellers", Mikhail Kozakov, deputy head of the Bitza-Invest stock exchange transaction department, shares his impressions.

Corporative news have become actually the main reason for the morning growth: ConocoPhilips' interest in the Lukoil state-held block of shares proved to be a good backing for the company's securities. "The only bright spot against the gloomy backdrop is Lukoil. A strategic buyer has been found for its shares", Sergei Kosynkin, head of the Zerich Capital Management trading section, said. "The upping of the company's share in the RTS index also instigated the players' interest".

Kozakov also noted Gazprom shares, consolidated around the 57 roubles/share mark during the day. "The presence of large buyers not allowing speculators to earn from quoting fluctuations is clearly felt here", Kozakov believes.

In the opinion of experts, market consolidation is volatile and developments in the energy-sector reform are to be expected.

In Kosynkin's opinion, the market "can go bullish in the event of negative news related above all to the UES reform".