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Russia, Egypt activate fight against terrorism

Russia and Egypt have agreed to activate joint work on the fight against terrorism, said Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Upon completion of talks in the Kremlin with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Mubarak said: "We have discussed issues of the fight against terrorism and agreed to activate joint work on this direction." The Russian and Egyptian intelligence service heads took part in Russo-Egyptian extended-format talks.

Hosni Mubarak also pointed to the necessity to resolve those problems that cause people to feel desperation and hopelessness, which is one of the latent reasons for terrorism.

Besides, he noted the importance of holding an international conference under the UN aegis on the fight against terrorism.

The two countries' leaders, in Mubarak's words, also discussed efforts to prevent WMD proliferation.

"Unified standards must be worked out, which would guarantee the fulfillment of all agreements on nonproliferation, first of all, of nuclear weapons," he said.

Vladimir Putin, in his turn, said the issue of searching for an answer to the new challenges and threats and joint counteraction to terrorism was a priority on today's talks' agenda.

"Serious attention was paid to the situation in the Middle East, in particular, to prospects of establishment in the region of an overwhelming and long-lasting peace," Vladimir Putin said at a press conference after the talks.

"One of the main conditions for this is realization of relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the Madrid principles," said the head of the Russian state.

In his words, he discussed with the Egyptian leader "possible steps on the resolution of the Palestino-Israeli conflict." "The path to this lies in the return to the Road Map plan adopted by the Quartet of international intermediaries on the Iraqi settlement and approved by all sides," Mr. Putin said.

In the president's words, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak thanked Russia for the role it plays in the Quartet.

"We are united in opinions that the realization of commitments (on the Road Map) should be reciprocal, balanced and controlled by the mechanism to be created by the Quartet," Mubarak said.

The Russian President noted the importance of consultations with the President of Egypt - one of the key states of the region.

Putin said: "The President of Egypt has come to Moscow at the right time, as we know what events are taking place in the world. Consultations with the region's key country are very important for us." According to the Russian President, special attention at the talks was paid to trade and economic ties.

"We talked about contacts between the businesses, investment projects, and cooperation ties," he said.

In his opinion, cooperation in the spheres of energy, aircraft manufacturing and space research is promising.

"Russia and Egypt have a great potential and a solid will to develop our relations," Putin said.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak explained the reasons for his refusal to accept the invitation of the U.S. President to take part in the G8 summit in June 2004. At a press conference in the Kremlin he said: "During my last visit to the U.S. a month ago, I met with George Bush, and we discussed all issues."