Attacking UFO Impossible

As a rule, if a pursuit plane attempts to attack an UFO, it brings no damage to it

The first attempt to destroy an unidentified flying object was officially registered in October of 1944 in Europe. US Air Force pilots encountered several ball-like UFOs in the airspace. Pilots decided that they saw new secret Nazi weapon, which was rumored a lot back in those days. Americans opened fire on those balls, although no bullet managed to cause any damage to them.

Military pilots saw UFOs many times over 50 years. Most often, pilots thought that those flying objects were trespassers, which basically resulted in attacks against UFOs. A very rare documentation, which proves the reality of attempts to attack an unidentified flying object is a tape recording of the conversation between two pilots, who started battling the objets, which trespassed the airspace of a US Air Force base in New Jersey.

Twelve spherical objects appeared in the airspace above the army base on October 7th, 1965. American military men took them for a squadron of spy planes. Three pursuit planes took off from the airbase to destroy unidentified objects. Pilots described those objects as balls, whose speed was a lot faster in comparison with the speed of their battle planes. As pilots said, they opened fire on the objects and hit them several times. Bright flashes could be seen on hitting spots, although weapons did not get to harm flying objects at all. The raid was finished with a failure: UFOs left safe and sound, while flabbergasted pilots had to go back to the airbase with nothing. Luckily, the tape recording of their conversation was preserved at US Air Force archives, and was then exposed to the public.

The majority of official documents about attacks against unidentified flying objects are kept in secret files. That is why, ufologists presumably obtain the information about such events from eyewitnesses, who managed to see those battled with their own eyes. An event like that happened on June 24th, 1999, when passengers of the bus, which was heading to Dallas, saw several pursuit planes attacking an UFO. Passengers saw a flying object from the windows of their bus at 3:15 p.m. The UFO looked like a silvery disk, it was flying at a high speed in the direction of Dallas Love Field airport. Two pursuit planes were flying behind the object at a distance of several hundred meters. When the UFO’s speed advantage became obvious, pilots opened fire. The object was hit several times, blasting flashes could be clearly seen, although the fire did not bring any results: the UFO increased its speed and left the fire zone.

Politicians and high-ranking officials set out their concern about the fact that it is not possible to harm unidentified flying objects. In 1952 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave a secret order to investigate the UFO phenomenon. Churchill’s resolution was then published in the Sunday People newspaper. Winston Churchill wanted to find out as much as possible about flying disks, and why it was impossible to down them. That order was basically issued after dozens of Royal Air Force pilots saw strange objects during their air raids on Germany.

There is unconfirmed information, which says that several encounters between UFOs and pilots ended up lamentably for the latter. Three pursuit planes of the Japanese air Force were heading to the Misava airbase on August 24 of 1998. All of a sudden, two planes vanished from radar screens at 8:58 p.m. The pilot of the third plane, transmitted a strange message: “I can see a large ball of red color. Two other planes have been downed.” As Japanese newspapers wrote afterwards, the ball that pilots saw was about three meters in diameter. The ball produced plasma flashes, which downed two Japanese pursuit planes. When those planes disappeared from radar screens, the pilot of the third plane managed to avoid a collision with a strange object, and that maneuver saved his life. Thirteen patrol ships were sent to search for planes’ fragments in the sea. They found only a small piece of a horizontal stabilizer of one of the planes. There were no doubts that pilots were killed.

Another accident like that happened on October 9th, 1998 at 8:02 p.m. A pursuit plane with an experienced crew of two pilots encountered a red ball not far from the Misava base. As soon as pilots prepared to attack the object, the radio contact with the plane was lost. A rescue team managed to find a part of the wing and some documents on the water surface. The pilots of the plane are still considered to be missing.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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